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Moto Lambretta Ancillotti versione Manga

The famous Lambretta Ancillotti Special 250 c.c. of the 1966 World Elvington records in England in Manga version in honor of Japan. In Japan, the home of manga, the Ancillotti brand had been registered in 1986.

The famous Lambretta Ancillotti 200 c.c. Monza 65 ', the Lambretta Innocenti elaborated by the G. Ancillotti Workshop in Santa Monaca street in the historic center of Florence. On 2 December 1965, it achieved its world speed record in its class; the record was of 172,200 km / h on the kilometer time trial.

Lambretta Elaborata Ancillotti guidata da Alberto mentre segna i record del mondo ad Elvington ed a Monza 65 e 66
Alberto e la scuderia Ancillotti mentre preparano la Lambretta Innocenti 250 cc elaborata per i record del mondo di velocità di Elvington 66 e Monza 65

The Holy Grail of the Lambrettas, the Lambretta Ancillotti Special 250 c.c. of the famous speed records on the Elvington Circuit in the England, taken on 15 and 16 October 1966: the first world record in the kilometer time trial, the second world record in the quarter mile launched. After more than half a century, these two records remain still unbeaten. The Lambretta Ancillotti was faired in hand-beaten aluminum sheet.

The G. Ancillotti Company, after the Monza World Record of 1965 and the two World Records obtained in 1966 on the Elvington Circuit in England, began to produce processing kits for the standard Innocenti Lambrettas. Ancillotti processing kits were sold in wooden boxes and were of three types: the Standard box, the Special box and the Super Special box. Ancillotti’s modifications could be mounted on all Lambretta models of the 125,150 and 175 c.c. series bringing their displacement to 200 c.c.. The Ancillotti Super Special box, which is impossible to find in our days, made it possible to transform the displacement of the 125,150,175 and 200 cc Lambrettas and bring it to 250 c.c..

Kit Elaborazioni Ancillotti componenti marmitta frizione testata pignoni scarico record del mondo Monza Elvington
Moto Lambretta Ancillotti Gold

An image of the Lambretta Ancillotti Gold, an eccentric example of the elaboration of a standard Lambretta Innocenti in the Lambretta Ancillotti Cafè Race, performed by Ancillotti Motorcycles, sole owner of the Ancillotti brands. For this Lambretta designed by Ancillotti Cafè Race, a gold-colored paint was chosen, sports saddle in gold-colored imitation leather, same for the front fender. The wording "Preparation Ancillotti Firenze" has been engraved on both sides.

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